Advanced and Well-Designed Commercial Wireless Routers

commercial wireless router

Are you looking for the best commercial wireless router available on the market, or are you still stuck using home routers for commercial applications?

From downtime and limited connectivity to frequent malfunctions and the inability to adapt the system to the dynamic needs of a mobile environment, a home router can fall short from the crucial advantages that are required by emergency services and organizations requiring effective in-transit communications.

These drawbacks and many others can be effectively eliminated with a commercial grade 4G LTE router provided by Guardian TS.

At Guardian TS, you can gain access to the most advanced wireless routers and additional accessories provided by companies like Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless and Panorama Antennas. Form compact modems designed to run on low power and highly secure, durable designs to hold out on a bumpy ride, to advanced features like augmented WAN solutions and multi-carrier band support, you can get everything you need for your commercial router.

Moreover, Guardian TS is not only the best Cradlepoint and Sierra provider in the region, but also the most professional, offering a comprehensive plan and advanced support to help your staff learn to use ever the most pretentious features of these devices.

For all your communication needs, Guardian TS can offer the best services and additions you will need, along with a commercial wireless router better than anything money can buy!