Guardian TS: Cradlepoint Distributor

Guardian TS: Cradlepoint Distributor

Cradlepoint is a renowned provider of 4G LTE wireless WANs. Cradle point recently bought Pertino, a software-defined network. This major move has created a new partnership that led to Cradlepoint leaping ahead of many other similar companies. Now, many people are looking to buy Cradlepoint because of the high-quality product the company offers.

This is understandable since they have over 20,000 mobile and IoT clients around the world. It is one of the leaders in the production of top-class routers. It also helps in bringing sophisticated line solutions to individuals and organizations in different fields. All the cloud-based routers and solutions are ideal for applications where shaky connectivity is unacceptable.

However, with this new improvement in the product, there has been a rise in unreliable resellers. But if you are serious about getting the best Cradlepoint solution in your organization, you can’t buy Cradlepoint from a Cradlepoint distributor. You need to buy from a certified Cradlepoint reseller like Guardian TS.

Guardian TS is an Authorized Cradlepoint Reseller and partner in Ontario. What this means is that Cradlepoint has given us the authority and additional training needed to supply Cradlepoint. As a licensed and recognized Cradlepoint distributor, you can rest easy and buy Cradlepoint from us at an affordable price. Since we are in a form of partnership with the organization, we get products at a low price. This influences the amount we sell to you. What’s more, when you buy Cradlepoint from us, you get an extensive warranty. This is something you won’t get from an unauthorized dealer.

As an authorized Cradlepoint dealer, it means we are proficient in helping individuals and agencies find the right router. Our experts collaborate with you every step of the way, even after the installation of the router. You get unending support to ensure you get the best use of your solution.
Contact us today, and let us find you a solution that provides you with constant connectivity!