Guardian TS: An Authorized Dealer You Can trust to Buy Sierra Wireless

Guardian TS: An Authorized Dealer You Can trust to Buy Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is a designer of wireless equipment hardware known to produce innovative products spanning over 20 years. They have their headquarters in Canada, British Columbia, and Richmond. They empower industries and businesses with wireless solutions to help them succeed in this ever-changing world. However, due to their products’ popularity, it can be challenging to find the right place to buy sierra wireless.

This is because many companies and unauthorized distributors claim to offer you the best deals for sierra wireless in Canada. But you will only find these deals if you find a certified sierra wireless distributor like Guardian TS. What’s more, buying from an authorized distributor will minimize the risks to your supply chain.

Guardian TS offers 4G LTE networking solutions from top manufacturers like Sierra wireless, Microhard, Cradlepoint, etc. Sierra Wireless is in collaboration with professionals in cellular connectivity to offer support and sales to numerous countries around the globe. Guardian TS is one of them, making it a safe location to buy sierra wireless for your organizational needs. They also provide you with experts who collaborate with you to determine the suitable router for your establishment.

Guardian TS provides routers, modems, and antennas from sierra wireless in Canada intending to deliver vital communications. These are ideal for surveillance and in-vehicle applications. Some of the other solutions you get include:

  • Portable antennas and modems created for applications that need 24/7 connectivity and minimal consumption.
  • Augmented solutions for WAN bandwidth ranging from Wi-Fi, Ethernet, DSL, T1, 4G LTE/Band, etc.
  • Portable OEM style shark fin vehicle containers that cover 2G/3G/4G Wi-Fi, and Band 14 frequencies
  • Dual-modems with multi-carrier Band 14/4G LTE support that allows for extra bandwidth or failover.

You no longer need to worry about where to buy sierra wireless. Simply reach out to Guardian TS, and you won’t regret it!