Why you should buy a Commercial wireless router from Guardian TS

Why you should buy a Commercial wireless router from Guardian TL

Why you should buy a Commercial wireless router from Guardian TS

Many benefits come with buying the right Commercial wireless router. It comes with improved security features over those sold to consumers. This can be quite beneficial to certain institutions such as law enforcement, where security is paramount. It also comes with improved anti-malware protection and sophisticated firewalls.

Additionally, a commercial wireless route enables institutions to utilize more than a single VPN or virtual private network. VPNs typically are encrypted as they provide a data pathway from an institution’s local network to remote computers. Institutions with require commercial wireless routers can utilize VLANs or virtual local area networks to safeguard their information.

Any commercial wireless router manufacturer serious about their reputation makes use of high-quality materials and components during their manufacturing process. This helps to ensure that the commercial wireless route can support a network that contains numerous connected devices. This means that any such router utilized has to handle extremely high workloads while still maintaining high-performance levels. Institutions such as emergency services require network equipment that can stand up to the rigorous daily use.

These products are much better equipped to handle the growth of a business. A growing pain that is all too well known in business is slow network connections resulting from more individuals and terminals utilizing the network. A network connection’s speed tends to depend in large part on available bandwidth. Bandwidth is essential in industries like mass transit, especially with automated or semi-autonomous vehicles being adopted. For an organization’s bandwidth to be increased, more web connections on the commercial wireless router would have to be set up. This is typically done using the WAN or wide area network port located on these routers.

Where Should You Buy?

However, if you are serious about enjoying all the benefits that come with a commercial wireless router, you will need to buy it from the right company. A great option to choose is Guardian TS, a solution that provides networking solutions, including routers from the best manufacturers.

A few of the options to expect when you buy from us include Cradlepoint, Panorama Antennas, Microhard, etc. Reach out to us today and let us provide you with a solution that works.