The Unique 4G LTE Router Your Vehicles Need for an Ideal In-Transit Communication Experience

4G LTE Router Sierra Wireless Ontario

Whether you’re dealing with a military situation or a medical emergency, having vehicles equipped with the best type of 4G LTE router for your specific application can be a big plus. At Guardian TS, you can not only enjoy the highest quality products available from providers such as Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless, but also the widest array of features and specifications to help you minimize your cost and maximize practical function by focusing only on what you require.

In-vehicle communication for applications such as surveillance can be critical in the event of a stake-out or a military encounter. This is why Guardian only provides the highest quality Sierra and Cradlepoint solutions equipped with features such as ultra fast Cat11 LTE operation, impressive port forwarding, fast 4G operation and a rugged construction that can withstand temperatures between -40 and 85 degrees.

If you are serious about fitting your vehicles with communication solutions that are durable, compact, highly efficient and able to keep you connected even in the most dire emergency situations, Guardian TS is your best choice. Their highly resilient, advanced and dependable 4G LTE router installations are designed to withstand the test of the elements and ensure you get the best value for your money.