From Advanced 4G/LTE Routers to the Internet of Things

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Whether you’re looking for a 4G LTE router or a high end, long range wireless camera, Guardian TS is the most proficient and dependable Sierra Wireless distributor you can contact. The devices provided by Guardian TS will meet and exceed your standards when it comes to their durability, connectivity options and overall design:

  • You can get highly advanced modems and routers, including 4G LTE routers and dual-modems with multi-carrier support allowing for failover capability.
  • For increased WAN connectivity and bandwidth solutions, Guardian TS will place at your disposal many available devices allowing for WiFi, Ethernet, Satellite, T1, Cable, DSL and Metro E connectivity.
  • Robust, shark-fin antennas are also available covering everything from 2G to 4G, as well as WiFi and Band 14 frequencies.
  • All modems and antennas provided by Guardian TS are designed to be highly efficient, maintaining excellent connectivity and uptime for a longer period of time with excellent energy-efficiency. They are also designed to withstand stressors that would normally destroy regular modems and devices.

For smart solutions spanning everything from basic modems and a long distance wireless camera, to highly advanced, smart devices supporting IOT architecture, Guardian TS is the go-to Sierra Wireless distributor that will always go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you the ideal solutions for your project.