Opt for Guardian TS – The Most Proficient IoT (Internet of Things) Distributor

Internet of Things

When you’re looking for a professional IoT (internet of things) distributor, there are very few providers that can fit the profile of the best suppliers working together with Sierra Wireless and Cradlepoint. One of the few highly professional IoT distributors in the industry is Guardian Technology Solutions.

At Guardian TS, you will find the latest Sierra, Cradlepoint, Microhard and Panorama solutions for 4G LTE connectivity and much more. Guardian is a supplier of high end antennas for fixed locations and vehicles, as well as dual modems and various WAN bandwidth solutions including DSL, Satellite, Ethernet and Metro-E.

When it comes to cellular modem solutions, Guardian TS goes above and beyond in providing such benefits as complete feature upgrades, bug fixes and replacements. Moreover, their comprehensive consultations and accurate estimates will take the guesswork out of your planning process and provide you with the perfect customized package to serve your specific requirements.