The Most Advanced Cradlepoint Solutions for Law Enforcement

Cradlepoint Technologies

Cradlepoint technologies are growing in scope and complexity on a daily basis. What used to be a fairly limited technology is now the 3G/4G/LTE that law enforcement agencies are just now beginning to use for advanced connectivity and critical reporting.

Guardian-TS is the leading provider of Cradlepoint technologies in Canada and specifically in the Ontario area. Through the use of Sierra Wireless connectivity and advanced 4G/LTE technologies, the video surveillance solutions available to law enforcement are enhanced considerably. Now you can use the most advanced surveillance tech and get real time footage with minimal power and without having to worry about getting disconnected at a critical time. With a hi-tech dash camera and body camera, an elaborate wireless network and a wireless tablet for easy access and gathering of evidence, Canadian police cars will have access to tomorrow’s surveillance technology today.